How To Prepare Your Teen for Their First Job 

By Alison rosen

April 30, 2024

 Start by explaining why it's crucial to get your teen ready for their first job.

Why It's Important: 

Teach your teen about being responsible and managing their time well.

Responsibility Matters

Setting Goals 

Show them how setting goals early can help them succeed. 

Money Smarts

Help your teen learn about money and how to manage it wisely. 

Money Smarts:

Money Smarts:

Finding Passions 

Guide them in discovering what they love to do and how it can turn into a job. 

 Help them create a great resume that shows off their skills.

Building Resumes 

Nailing Interviews 

Give tips on how to impress during job interviews. 

Acting Professionally 

Teach your teen about behaving well in the workplace. 

Making Connections 

Show them the power of making friends and connections at work. 

Dealing with Problems 

Help your teen handle challenges that may come up at work. 

Gaining Experience 

Talk about the importance of internships and volunteering. 

Keep Supporting 

Finish by reminding them that you're there to cheer them on every step of the way. 

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